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We are your personal and business partner on the road to "Credit Worthiness".

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Freedom Solutions is a private organization. We welcome you and proudly thank you for joining us. We represent the collective of culture creative planning leaders in global specialized funding and payment solutions. Freedom’s business applications result in positive viral activations. We are best described as your Freedom business developer.

Our Friends
Foremost, we are grateful for the opportunity to impact and assist in accomplishing your ultimate business mission. It is our intention to secure specialty funding solutions that will impact our clients across all industries producing results of upward bound mobility, the highest quality, and efficient business consulting or project management.

Freedom Business
Navigating the complex world of finance can be daunting. You need a friend who understands the personal and business funding requirements and processes. Many just are not aware of the opportunities available to them. This is where Freedom Solutions come in.

We are your personal and business partner on the road to “Credit Worthiness”. Our philosophy is everyone can be funded. It is our job to consult our clients on the variety of choices available and work with them through the process.

Let’s be honest, most people and businesses have had some challenges on the way to success and will need some help cleaning up their credit profiles. Understanding how the relationship between FICO scores and Lexis Nexis fraud scores is governing your attractiveness to lending institutions is part art and part science. To that end, our clients understand that they need a friend who understands personal and corporate funding intimate working on their behalf. That is Freedom Solutions.