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We understand the importance of the personal credit profile of every personnel of your entity.

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Although our main focus is building business credit and positioning companies to fund, we understand the importance of the personal credit profile of every officer, manager, member, director, or responsible party for every entity.

It is possible to get funding and build credit on your EIN# that is completely separate from your personal Social Security number. However, once you begin applying for larger amounts of credit or are entering into certain areas like flooring lines for vehicles or large real estate investments, personal credit becomes a factor.

For this reason, we needed options for our business owners that could assist them in building solid personal credit profiles. In order to build a profile that equals higher-level credit approvals, each situation needs to be approached delicately and strategically.

Our programs create the ability to increase points, depth, limits, age of credit, and utilization. Our team of accomplished colleagues has access to a multitude of programs designed to help you accomplish your funding vision. We also recommend building your personal credit as an option to help fund your business credit goals.

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