Real Estate Real Estate Funding

Our financial partnerships allow you to access the capital you need to strategically scale.

We are private commercial lenders

Private Real Estate Funding at rates as low as 3.5%. All viable opportunities for non-owner-occupied investment properties will be considered.

These are programs founded by real estate investors, for real estate investors and we lend in 48 states. We cover the gap as it makes sense on Class A, B, and C properties in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets.

Our financial partnership allow you to access the capital you need to strategically scale. Acquisition refinances and cash-out options available.

We are private commercial lenders to businesses with terms of 12 months to 30 years.

Our focus is Offices, Storage Facilities, Industrial Property, Residential Fix n Flips, Fix n Holds, Rentals, and Multi-Family Properties.

We also finance ground up and new construction, rehabs, rehab to rent, wholesalers transactional funding, double closings, short term bridge, and B.R.R.R.R. (Buy Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat).

Residential: We do between 70% LTC/LTV on certain loans and up to 92.5% LTC and 75% LTV with loans from 50,000 to 3 millions. Non-recourse and interest-only loans available.

Commercial: Buying or refinancing w/rehab we do 80% LTC 70% LTV and loans up to 20 million dollars with rates as low as 6.4%; On turnkey commercial projects with the intent to sell or refinance into a long term note we provide up to 75 LTC/LTV with rates as low as 6.74% with 24-36 month interest-only terms available.

We also finance for Freddie, Fannie or fallout deals with low in place DSCR requirements, plus small balance and middle-market lending for experienced operators, syndicators, and institutional sponsors.

Partnership opportunities available as well as referral and broker programs that empower you as our partner to offer our financing programs to qualified borrowers.