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Business Credit is an essential tool for life.

Without it, your business and personal life suffer from monetary asphyxiation. The idea of having a strong business credit presence for your company opens up a world of opportunities including growth, scalability, payroll comfort, equipment necessities, fuel and travel and expenses, and more. Companies that decide not to focus on, or put any effort towards the business credit build must operate on a cash basis. Cash operations leave no room for a bad month or a bad quarter. Cash operations have difficulty in receiving the funding they need because lenders and banking entities pull Experian Business, Equifax Business, D&B, and the SBFE reports prior to making a decision on approval or denial. Every major corporation we know of utilizes business credit to sustain and flourish. Walmart for example has over 500 Tradelines on their business credit reports.

If You Are New To The Business World Or A Seasoned Veteran With Multiple Ventures, The “Business Credit Source” Can Help You Scale and Reach Your Goals Step By Step. There are several ways to improve your business credit scores and the overall presence and credit worthiness of your company or companies. It can start with simple vendor credit purchases and on-time payments, cross corporate guarantees, acquiring existing businesses with credit usage, or positioning yourself to purchase debt-related Tradelines that are transferred to your companies EIN through a legal transfer process. At The Business Credit Source, we can assist you in strategizing the best path to take. Our only goal is to get you funded while working with what you have access to. Don’t get caught up in what you don’t have or what you have not done. This is why we are here. We are here to HELP. We are The Source.

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